Special P.F. Chang’s Promotions

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PF Changs

Have you ever eaten at P.F. Chang’s?  It’s (probably-all the ones I have ever seen are) a restaurant with big cement statues outside the doors, and you can actually tell you’re going to be eating foreign food from the look of the building.  welll, that’s the opinion I have.  And the food?  Words cannot describe how good it is. 

If you’ve never been there, you should definitely sign up for their Warrior Card, which is their reward card, and go there for lunch one day.  Go for dinner if you want to go all out and have the extra money; I prefer dining out at lunch for both frugality and less crowds.  The Warrior Card often gets you perks such as a free appetizer, 10% off your billl, or whatever other hot promotion they want to offer at a certain time.  There may be a period with no perks, but the food is serioulsy the biggest perk!

 Well, May has a few hot perks going on!  You must have a Warrior Card to get these perks but it is absolutely free!

  • 10% discount on Happy Hour menu items
  • 10% discount on P.F. Chang’s For Two menu offerings

Those both go through June 1, 2010!  I would imagine another hot summer promo willl start. 

You can view their entire menu, sign up for a Warrior Card online, and even follow them on Twitter all within a matter of minutes!!

Lunch entree prices start around $8, I believe.  I think you can get a dinner for $10 but I’m not sure what their dinner prices or menu really look like because I have only been for lunch.  I am just grateful we live at least an hour and a half from any of them because that would be a temptation I couldn’t resist. 


Local readers: My grocery ads will be up Saturday.  Today I just didn’t have time after my husbands dental surgery to get them finished.  I just found out that we will be here until possibly next Friday so that puts a strain on next week until I can figure something out. 

Otherwise, i will see you guys tomorrrpwwotj lots of t.g.I.F. Fun!!

Tribute: I Can Only Imagine

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I have to say that a part of the reason my posting has been quite low this month is partially due to depression.  In fact, I’m sure that it has been.  The month of April is a bittersweet month for me for a couple of reasons, although in the greater scheme of my life as a Christian I should look at both events as  happy events.  Someday I hope I can reach that peace in my heart.

April is a month I used to look forward to every year.  It was a month of celebration in our home,  the month that in 1987 my parents completed our family.  It was the month in which my brother, Ty, came to live with us.  He was a 4-month-old fat, screaming bundle of sweetness.  I remember the day with such clarity, how my parents made me go to school that day while they went to “become new parents” for the second time in their lives to a baby boy.  I remember how I couldn’t wait for him to arrive…and soon after, when sibling rivalry set in, how I would have given him away.  I used to tell people we bought him at Kmart.  Yep, I was a bargain shopper at a young age.  I mean, don’t normal people buy their babies at Sears or something ;)

That little baby has grown into a 23-year-old man that I’m so very proud to call my brother and my friend.  He is successful no matter what he does, a hard working, independent, responsible young man who’s creating a life for himself that I am confident will be nothing but prosperous and happy.  He has a level head on his shoulders and doesn’t make rash decisions that lead to harsh consequences like so many other young people have done; I’d like to think that he’s learned from a few of my own mistakes on that front!  He can stretch a penny til it pops and he’s been like that all his life.  I’m surprised he still does not have birthday checks from my grandparents from when he was a child; he’s always been a saver that could rival Dave Ramsey any day.  I love you, Ty, and I’m so proud God chose the perfect brother for me.  Thank you for 23 years of love.  We’ve always celebrated April 29 as Ty’s “Special Day” typically with cake and ice cream, and of course gifts.  It is a birthday of sorts; he gets the gifts now but we got the gift for life.

The year 2005 was going just like any other year, and we were coming in on the 2ndyear of our marriage.  We were living a couple of hours away from my family, the last time I ever intend to do that, but we were happy.  I was working in a job that paid decently but had wonderful benefits, and we’d pretty much learned by that point that my husband’s main “job” had to be my care because of our circimstances.  We were still having trouble making others realize our reasons for our lifestyle but, well, you do what you gotta do to survive, right?  We wanted to be married, and that’s what we’ve done.

I called my dad on his cell phone one day that I was off during the week in April.  It was odd that I couldn’t reach any of my family at home or on their cell all day, but I never suspected anything was wrong.  That phone call changed my life forever, and that week changed something inside me forever.  It was the first real time in my life that nobody, not one single person, could say or do anything at all to make things better.  My grandmother was dying, and on April 29, 2005, she went to live with our Lord. 

Losing her on that particular day, Ty’s Special Day, was an even bigger blow.  Why God chose that particular day to take her Home  was a true test of faith, and I’m afraid I have failed that test so far.  While I’m aware that Nannie had a wonderful, long (she was 88), usually happy life with her family, I was not yet ready to let her go.  Selfishly, I wanted her here with me.  No, I never wanted her to be sick or to suffer.  I just didn’t want to let her go.    I hope to someday forget some of the details of the last phone call to my dad who told me she was dying, and of the sight of my brother crying.  That’s one sight that breaks my heart more than any other. 

Today, 5 years after that horrific day, I can honestly say I remember old times from my childhood more than I have in the past rather than the thought of her being gone.  I no longer cry every day as I did the first two years she was gone.  This year, her birthday on March 11 was the first of her birthdays since she died that I didn’t cry.  She gave me unconditional love and support, and a lifetime of happy, wonderful memories.  she bought me my first Cabbage Patch Doll.  I spent many hours in her floor when I was “too sick” to go to school watching TV (ahem, cough cough).  She made the best scrambled eggs and the best peanut butter cake ever but probably the worst biscuits :)   I can say that now without feeling like a horrible person betraying her by saying something bad. 

The song, “I Can Only Imagine”, was played at her funeral at my request.  My cousin Dale preached the funeral and thought I picked a good song.  We can only imagine how good it will be to see God’s facefor the first time, and we can only imagine how it will feel to shed all our worldly handicaps and problems to be in a place where only love exists.  I can only imagine being with her and my Poppy again (my grandfather, her husband); how joyous that day will be!

If you’ve never heard this song, please listen closely.  It’s a beautiful song. No matter your beliefs or your religion, this song will speak volumes to you.   By no means am I pushing religion upon anybody; I’m the last person to ever do that.  I’m simply paying tribute to the 2 people who mean so much to me, and whose mere existence has forever changed my life for the better.

I am working on the grocery ads for the week, as much as I can get finished.  Other than that I will be taking most of the rest of the day off.  My husband has a bit of dental surgery being done that may take up most of the day.  Hopefully I will get a chance to announce giveaway winners, too.

Get $5 Free!

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I always advise you to sign up for as many e-newsletters and printable coupon e-mails from your favorite companies as possible, and there is a reason for that.  Not only can you save money in so many ways, but sometimes you can get free money. 

Do you get newsletters from Magazines.com?  If so, check your e-mail!  You should have an e-mail that says “$5 Enclosed for Mothers Day Deals”.  Don’t erase that!  You do not have to use that to redeem for a magazine subscription.  You can get a $5 check mailed to you.  Follow the directions at the bottom of the e-mail, which will lead you to a page to enter your address and the gift card code information from the e-mail.  Submit that information, and you’ll be given a confirmation code stating that you can expect to receive your check in the mail!

Yay! I love free money!! 

It’s easy to get a free e-mail account set up just for these types of e-mails.  I promise you that it is not a waste of time.  Even if you never, ever shop online, who doesn’t like free money? Free, easy money at that!

So go scramble and dig through your e-mail to find that.  They send those a few times a year so you are missing out on some sweet deals until you sign up!

Blast From the Past: Fleetwood Mac

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I never knew who sung this song before until I got a request to incorporate it into my Blast from the Past series, isn’t that awful?  I get the impression that this is some sort of classic or something.  It IS a good song, I will admit, and I found a few more Fleetwood Mac songs that were familiar to me but I’d never known by whom the songs were sung. 

I apologize if the quality of the video isnt very good.  Embedding was disabled on a few of the videos I tried, and I wanted to use the cleanest, clearest version I could use.

I will definitely be inclding a couple more Fleetwood Mac songs into the Blast From the Past series, along with a few more suggestions from my friend.  Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail if youhave one you’d like to see.

I’m still trying to go throgh and read and decide what to do to catch up on everything but I am reading your e-mails.  I will respond to all of them as quick as I can.  I got REALLY far behind.  I still dont feel 100%, and I’m still sleeping a lot or maybe not enough but at odd hours, I am just not sure.  Either way, I am trying to fix it.  Justcontinue to be wonderfully sweet and patient :) and I will do the best I can with stuff like this.

Please also let me know from here on out if you recognize a lot of typos in my posts.  I try hard to find them and correct them before I publish anything but it doesn’t always happen. I don’t want these posts to appear poorly put together without a lot of thought or time, when in fact the opposite is typically true.

We are going out of town for my husband to have some dental work done near my in-laws tomorrow, so I will be getting my grocery ads done late this week.  Look for them to be completed by Friday afternoon.  Considering that they haven’t been getting done at all lately I know you have your doubts about them this week and I cannot blame you.  But it is like I said, I do these fro myself too, so why not just publish them?  I will do my best to get them done for you in a timely manner, as long as I do not feel as if I should be on my death bed or we’re without internet service.

 Deals to come soon!

Woot Off Going On Now

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Are you up at 2 AM?  Well, go to Woot.com for a Woot off! 

A Woot Off is when Woot sells 1 item at a time that they don’t have many of until they’re all gone, then they sell another right after, and repeat the process over and over again until they’re gone!

You just have to see a Woot Off to see how much fun they are.   Rarely to I buy anything but I just like watching how quickly weird items go and see waht all is sold :)


Have fun!




I am trying to play catch up from my lack of internet and being sick, plus the bad weather we had over the last 2 days so please bare with me a couple more days of light posting.  I pray to God that I’m able to get back to normal and start posting like normal again.  Considering our weather and the happenings of things over the weekend, which you can see in my prior post, I will have giveaway winners chosen by tomorrow.

Anyway, I have a tip for you that I just remembered!  Have you ever gone to the websites of your local TV and radio stations?  Local radio and TVB stations will have sponsors, typically local businesses, who provide them with gift certificates to give away or sell at a significantly reduced rate.

In Alabama, some of our local radio stations and our local TV stations advertise special certificates and discounts they are able to offer for a limited time through their websites.  For instance, our local country radio station offers gift certificates each week (different ones) for 50% off their face value, bu tthe business accepts them for the face value.  So you’d pay $10 for a $20 gift certificate.

Next time your TV station or radio station advertises their website check them out!  You might could get a nice dinner for 50% off! 

I’m going to put together a list sometime this week, when the rest of my to-do list is finished, of the Alabama websites that offer those are taken care of.  If you’d like to add any for your state feel free to leave a comment!

This can be a truly awesome resource because the gift certificates can be for oil change services, hair cuts, dry cleaners, and tons of other services other than dinners out.


Albertville, Alabama is a very small town that a lot of people have never heard of.  Its also the town I have called home for 30 years.   i don’t even really live inside the city limits, but it is the nearest “big” town near us. It’s a very peaceful place,  and when you’re there you feel like nothing bad will ever happen. 

But unfortunately it did.  Last night, a tornado hit and many, many people lost their homes or had their homes damaged severely by the storms.  My grandparents will be without power for 3 days, but they were just fortunate that their house was untouched.  I just thank God that nothing happened to them.  Schools were damaged to the point that they aren’t sure how students are going to finish out the school year.

I want to let my local readers know that I am praying for you, and if you were affected by this storm please let me know if there’s something we can do to help you.  I plan on donating some toiletries in a day or two once I get them all together and figure out where to take them.   I wish I could do more.  We have a few out of town appointments this week but when we get back home I will be seeing what I can do to help.  I have never seen such destruction and devastation in my life that happened so close to home. 

The video above came from WAATV, and you can almost see the devstation and destruction of the homes and businesses in the area.  I hope that none of you were injured and you all have safe, warm, comfortable places to live until all of your homes are taken care of.

May God bless each and every one of you.


I’m A Big Ol’ Mess

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big mess



OK Let’s just be honest.  I’ve not been posting much that has been of any real use to you guys lately.  I try my best to post at least one or two thinsg a day that you can use, which is far less than I am used to posting just a few months ago.  My lack of internet for the last 2 weeks came at a terrible time.  It came at a time when I was not feeling under the weather quite as badly as I normally am, nor did we have bad weather or any othe circumstance which would limit my blogging.  It just came at the worst possible time.

Before that, my sleep/pain were too um, well I can’t think of the word but just to say that they were seriously limiting my ability to think straight and post.  I am finally getting a handle on that, so that I can devote more time to this blog but I’m not sure how far back down I’ve dropped as far as my readers have gone.  I’m sure a lot of people have decided my site isn’t worth checking out, and I hope that isn’t what youre thinking.  I promise you that I am trying hard to get everything caught up so that I can start posting a lot again.  Unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day and the site isn’t all that I got behind on when I was sick. 

Right now I’m battling a terrible infection and our weather is awful.  Our internet and phone are going in/out, so I haven’t been online most of the day.  Ive been in bed trying to feel better. 

Anyway, this last week I did a little better with the deal posting, but I have a lot planned for next week so I hope you will stick around or check it out and find out.   Those of you who still subscribe and comment and e-mail, I appreciate it!  I’m trying to catch up on all my e-mail so if I haven’t replied to you I will soon! 

As far as giveaway winners, I’m working on that.  I’ll get those chosen and notified by tomorrow night, and I’m working on getting a section of the site set up for a “Bragger’s Corner” or something so you all who win will be able to “brag” about your winnings to the entire blogosphere…or at least the 2-3 people who read here!

I am so sorry for having to write yet another post like this because I said I wouldn’t, but I didn’t want it to seem like I’d totally stopped blogging at all.  A huge storm is about to hit us or so the radio just announced, again, so I’m going to run and unplug this and well, hide :)   More from me will come later tonight since I’ve slept all day!

:) Be save and be blessed always,


Weather and Internet?

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Just a quick note to say that I’m not sure if it’s the weather or our intnernet still isn’t working quite right but or phone and internet have been up and down all day.  That’s why my grocery ads still arent finished.  We’re leaving this weekend to go out of town over the weekend so if I don’t get them up by in the morning it will be next week before I start over with ads.

I’m so sorry! I’m trying to post things when I have little glimpses of service like coupons and quick things but long posts just aren’t working lately. 

I want to apologize to my local readers because I know a few of you use the grocery matches.  I will start doing them again.  Between being sick and my internet issues lately, it just hasen’t been easy.  By next week our internet should be fixed and I should be better after my doctor’s appointments.  I honestly didn’t know anybody benefitted from the ad matches til a couple of weeks ago, so I almost stopped publishing them.  I match them for myself anyway so it’s fine to keep publishing them as long as someone needs them.  Just keep letting me know what you need so I can comply. 

So anyway I’ll be posting here and there as much as I can get done while our service is in and out.  Maybe tomorrow wil be better! :)


Have a great weekend friends!

Sunday Coupon Preview

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I always check Sunday Coupon Preview before I determine how many newspapers I’m going to get that week.  If there’s going to be a coupon for a free item, I always buy a lot extra!  If the freebie is an item that I can’t use nor can anybody in my family, free item coupons are a HIT on e-Bay!  Often eBay is a great way to get rid of many of the coupons that you cannot use and cannot trade, just an FYI!

This week you’ll be getting 1 Smart Source and 1 Red Plum, same as last week. 

There are going to be a lot of Air Wick coupons as well as new Bayer Breeze/Contour Diabetic Monitor coupons in the upcoming newspaper.  The Wording and the amount of the monitory coupons is different this time so it may be for a n upgraded version of those monitors.


Also keep in mind that the current monitor coupons we have expire on 4/30/10!  I think I still have 3-4 because I missed the week they were such a great moneymaker, so I’m going to have to hope I can get some  next week cheap!