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Yay!  It appears as though Kmart is having Super Double Coupons this week, and although it’s still too early to call and make sure, even my store is participating!  Call your local store just to make sure, if you haven’t already.  I believe mine was closed for Easter yesterday so I didn’t go or call, although I can’t be sure.  I plan on calling as soon as mine opens!

I’ve compiled a list of blogs that have lists of prices for you from their local Mart stores.  I’ve fond that my prices are never quite the same as these so I’m going to go today (if my store is participating) and do a bit of my own pricing.  I’ll share those with you too when I get home, if my store is participating. 

You do have to have a Shop Your Way rewards card to get the discount, and you are limited to 5 coupons per person per day.  I plan on getting my husband his own card so we can at least get 10 items.  If we lived further than 10 minutes to a Kmart there would be no point in going for only 10 coupons (especially 5), but for 5 or 10 freebies per day I’ll go!  I just need to determine which freebies I’m in need of the most.

If my husband and I both can check out, and we s tart tomorrow that is a total of 50 freebies we can get this week.  That’s not bad at all, even though it’s a far cry from what we got the last time they did this with no limit.  Oh well,I’m going to be grateful not greedy.  I really need to start making that my life’s mission, to be grateful for what  I have and not greedy and want more. 

I think I need to stockpile pet treats and Glade items the most, if I have good enough coupons for them to be free or nearly free, but other than that it all depends on what I have and their prices. What are you going to go for? 

So here’s that list of bloggers who have taken the time to go and get their prices to share with you.  Go and visit them to see what you should be on the lookout for; I’m going to go by Kmart later today and ask a few questions if my store is participating so I’ll let you know of any further restrictions!

OK I keep working on this list with interruptions from my sweet loving cat, and getting sidetracked working on other things so I’m going to post this for now.  I will add to the list later on, and if you want to be added in the meanntime just leave me a comment or shoot me an email at, and I’ll be happy to do so!  I’m going to run to Kmart later on myself so that I can write down a few prices and make sure MY store is participating before I get all giddy and happy :)   because I’ve been all excited before only to have my hopes and dreams of saving lots of cash be dashed by Kmart.  Welll, ok not THAT traumatic maybe but close :)

 Edit:  Some are saying you cannot buy 5 identical items with coupons to double; I did, without any problems.  This is a complete YMMV situation (your mission may vary, your mileage may vary…however you want to say it but basicallyl each store is different sometimes).

Have a great day, guys, and thanks for your continued support and reading!

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